Welcome to The Haldane Club, the Alumni Association of the City of Edinburgh Universities Officers’ Training Corps and its antecedents, Edinburgh and Heriot-Watt Universities OTC and Edinburgh University OTC.

The Haldane Club is not only for former members, but also for any individuals who have a keen interest in Edinburgh’s OTC. Our purpose is to re-establish old friendships, maintain close links with the current Unit, provide a forum for sharing news and nostalgia, and a platform for social occasions and reunions.

This website, currently under development, and the Haldane Club are for all those who remember those happy days at Forest Hill and those happy nights under the starry winter skies of Dreghorn or Drip!

The Haldane Club will soon warmly invite contributions from former members in the form of photographs and tales of their times in the UOTC. Additionally, current members of the Unit will be invited to contribute in the form of blogs and news articles about training during the year.